Ongoing air quality is more important than ever before, with coronavirus bringing it’s importance into the spotlight, but which systems are the most efficient at eliminating germs and bacteria from our indoor air zones?

What is the Difference Between an Air Purifying Unit and Air Filters?

As a stand-alone device, air purifier units do exactly what it says on the tin, they purify the air by removing toxic fumes and fine particles. Through advanced technology, air purifiers pull in the air, sterilising it as it passes through.

Similarly, air filters are adept at trapping certain air pollutants and bacteria but they often require frequent cleaning or changing. As a result, the goal of maintaining a clean atmosphere that protects individuals from germs and other pollutants is defeated, because changing the device filters necessitates contact with the particles removed from the air.

Air purifiers such as The AirSanitiser+ activates the oxygen, sterilising surfaces and removing airborne diseases. are proven to remove the following pollutants:

Air Purifiers vs Air Filters

Where to Use Air Purifiers

Air purifiers can be used across a wide range of indoor settings in various sectors, as well as domestic environments.

It’s imperative that air purification systems are as hassle free as possible within fast paced settings. In hospitality and healthcare for example, there are swathes of people coming in and throughout the day. Consequently, they require air purification devices that are efficient at dispelling air pollutants, without the need for constant up-keep.

In the hospitality and healthcare industries, for example, large groups of people come and go throughout the day. Consequently, they require air purification equipment that is effective at removing air contaminants, whilst also being low-maintenance.

Additional sectors that benefit from air purifiers include:

Invest in a Cleaner Air Zones

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