Handling Coronavirus in Schools

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the UK have had one of the most turbulent rides, with closures and school absences causing high levels of disruption to children’s education.

Remote learning, asymptomatic testing, educational visits and catch-up support have all played a part in the story of coronavirus and schools. Faced with the challenge of keeping their staff and pupils safe, whilst trying to ensure their education faces as little interruption as possible, schools have had a tricky 18 months.

How can I keep my child safe if they are going to school during COVID-19?

Many parents and guardians have had concerns regarding their child’s health and safety in schools, following the coronavirus outbreak. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions have a duty of care to ensure the school environment is as covid safe as possible. Schools across the country have invested in systems and hygiene measures, to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Ways to Minimise the Spread of COVID-19 in Schools

As we look towards a future where we learn to live with coronavirus, we still need ways to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, in order to reduce further disruption to education, alongside protecting people’s health and the NHS.

With most restrictions (such as social distancing and face masks) having ended on July 19th 2021, places such as schools and other educational facilities, are looking for long-term solutions to living with COVID-19. This is where strict hygiene routines, ventilation and air sanitising come into play.

1. Hygiene

Practicing strict hand hygiene with soap and water / and or hand sanitiser is crucial to prevent infection from colds or viruses, which are spread through airborne droplets.

2. Ventilation

According to the UK Government website, ventilation of indoor spaces is crucial to suppressing the transmission of coronavirus. By letting in air from outside, there is a good chance that air containing virus particles will be able to circulate out of the indoor space, lowering the risk of spreading coronavirus inside.

3. Air Sterilisation

Due to the fact COVID-19 is an airborne virus, electronic devices such as the Air Steriliser+ are able to dispel virus particles in the air and on surrounding surfaces, using state-of-the-art technology.

Protect Schools Using Air Sterilising Devices

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