As the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus prevention is vital in order to minimise transmission of the virus.

Under What Conditions Does COVID-19 Spread Easily?

When looking at how you can prevent the spread of coronavirus, it’s important to understand how it is transmitted and in which settings it’s more likely to spread. Over the past 2 years, researchers have looked closely at this and have identified the most common breeding grounds for COVID-19.

The WHO identified the “Three C’s” as a useful way to consider the conditions/settings where COVID-19 is most easily transmitted:

How Can I Protect Myself Against COVID-19?

When it comes to coronavirus prevention, there are a multitude of ways individuals can protect both themselves, and others from becoming infected with COVID-19.

Common measures such as the following play a vital role in coronavirus prevention:

However, with indoor settings much more prone to coronavirus transmission, effective indoor ventilation is crucial in various settings, such as schools, factories, restaurants and more. There are several ways you can reduce potential virus particles in the air, including: Opening windows and doors, using fans to improve air circulation and air purification units.

Opening Windows and Doors

This method is probably the simplest way of improving indoor air ventilation. However, whilst in the warmer months people are more inclined to let in the fresh air, in colder months (when COVID-19 is much more transmissible), opening windows and doors is less appealing due a drop in temperature and not wanting to waste or lose any indoor heat.

Indoor Fans to Improve Airflow

By positioning indoor fans by a window, this can help to get rid of virus particles in the air. However, ceiling fans can improve airflow even if windows and doors are closed. It is important to note that to avoid the opposite effect (increasing the spread of virus particles) you should point any fan you use away from people.

Air Purification Units

Advanced technology enables air purifiers to sterilise the air as it is pulled into the system, eliminating toxic fumes and fine particles from the air.

Air purifying units such as the Air Steriliser+ can eliminate pollutants such as:

How Long Does the Virus That Causes COVID-19 Last on Surfaces?

A white paper published by the World Health Organisation back in April 2020 explains that from their research, the survival rate of COVID-19 on various surfaces was as follows:

Gain Access to a Cleaner Air Zone

Thanks to the state-of-the-art Air Steriliser+, is able to assist with coronavirus prevention across a range of sectors, find out more about the air purifier for covid.

If you’re looking to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission in an indoor environment and would like to learn more about how can assist with this, contact a member of our team online or alternatively, you can call 0800 113730.

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