Returning to Work After Covid – Make Your Workplace Coronavirus Safe

With the end of the furlough scheme on the horizon and the recent elimination of most government restrictions, ensuring that your workplace is coronavirus secure is of paramount importance. How to Return to Work Safely for Businesses

The emergence of COVID-19 has significantly altered the way in which businesses and their employees operate. Measures have had to be implemented in order to make workspaces COVID- 19 safe zones.

When returning to work following Covid-19, there are multiple ways businesses can try and ensure their employees are kept safe from the transmission of coronavirus.

Basic measures such as strict hygiene throughout the workplace and the use of hand sanitiser, will help in some way to make workplaces COVID-19 safe. However, ventilation and air purification are considerably more beneficial when it comes to significantly reducing the transmission of coronavirus in the workplace. This is because COVID-19 is a contagious virus that spreads through airborne transmission, hence why an air purification device and or/ventilation is required to dispel its presence in the workplace.

Should Office Workers Continue to Work from Home During this Winter, to Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

As we learnt in the winter of 2020, during the colder months, the transmission of Covid-19 can be trickier to suppress with more socialising and events occurring indoors, along with the added pressure on health services during the winter.

However, there are many jobs that require people to be at their workplace, which means working from home isn’t always an option. So, should office workers work from home? This has to be a decision made by each individual company, unless government legislation changes during the winter period.

Keep your Workplace Covid Safe with

If you’re looking to ensure a covid secure workplace, work with a wide range of sectors to ensure their workplaces have clean air zones. The Air Steriliser+ sanitises the air and surface in your space, ensuring that a return to work after Covid-19, can be a safe one.

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