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Cleanmyair.co.uk is on a mission to overhaul your air zone, ensuring the air you breathe is as clean as possible. We have over 15 years of experience in the sterilisation and filtration industry, making us industry leaders in clean air zones.

Who are We?

Our company Cleanmyair.co.uk is a proud and independent supplier of market leading air sanitising equipment. We are dedicated to raising the bar when it comes to clean air standards, throughout the UK.

The expert Cleanmyair.co.uk team, regularly conduct in-depth testing of products on the market, to ensure only the best devices are supplied to our customers.

We provide unrivalled packages to various businesses and organisations in a wide range of sectors. Our product of choice is the AirSanitiser+, a state-of-the-art air purifier, which is proven to eliminate viruses such as Coronaviruses, along with bacteria, fungi and VOC’s.

Sectors Assisted by Cleanmyair.co.uk

Cleanmyair.co.uk works with a multitude of sectors to provide a system that ensures their air is clean. Long before the emergence of Coronavirus, indoor settings required better air filtration and purification systems for a number of reasons. However, recent events have both highlighted and exacerbated the need for implementing air purification devices in a number of sectors.

Sectors we work with include:


We have deployed numerous devices across both the public and private sector in the UK, with the AirSanitiser+ as the device of choice for the National Health Service.

Brand New Website

As part of our launch, we have had a brand new website created that reflects our ‘clean’ agenda, designed and developed by MonkeyFish Marketing. The website enables potential and current customers to find out more when it comes to our services and product.

There is a dedicated page for sectors Cleanmyair.co.uk supports, providing information to those within those sectors on how we’re already able to make a positive impact, as well as to explain how the innovative technology of our product works.

Our overall objective was to have a website that is both user friendly in terms of functionality and information, but also a visually appealing look that is easy to navigate.

Sanitise your Air Zones with Cleanmyair.co.uk

Are you looking to create clean air zones in your space? Whatever sector you’re in, Cleanmyair.co.uk has the ideal solution for you. Contact us today via our online form or alternatively, you can call us on 08000113730.

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