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£5 per week provide a fully inclusive package to make sure that you receive the exact coverage and ongoing care to make your air as safe and clean as possible, within five days of ordering.

Air Purifier Covid Package Includes:

• Onsite review and survey for optimum coverage
• Full Installation and set-up of the device
• Air sanitisation test on installation
• Annual oxygen activation system review and upgrade
• ‘Clean Air Zone’ identification signage for your site
• Free device replacements
• Regular onsite health checks, service, maintenance and more

One device is recommended for a 100m2 room, but if you’re not sure of the size of your space feel free to request a free site survey. We have solutions for spaces of any size.

Experts with over 15 years

Providing sanitisation and filtration solutions throughout the UK for over 15 years, is a name that you can trust to keep you and others safe.

Trusted by the NHS

Keeping safe the people who keep the nation safe. The AirSteriliser+ has been trusted by the NHS to keep air clean and safe. Without the need for filters, the AirSteriliser+ activates the oxygen removing airborne diseases and sterilising surfaces. This resulted in absenteeism dropping by 42%. Using a five technologies process, our device works 24 hours a day to keep the air and surfaces clean.

Hands, Face, Space, Clean Air

After removing the ‘stay at home’ order, the UK Government  provided a new slogan focusing on clean air and ventilation. As the UK’s experts in fully inclusive air sanitisation packages, we are here to help keep the nation safe. Get in touch now to find out how we can help you. 

How the AirSteriliser+ works

The AirSteriliser+ cleans the air through two processes that occur internally (Germicidal Irridiatiion and Heterogeneous Catalysis). These sterilise the air as it passes through the device, activating particles in the air to allow for three processes to occur externally to the unit (Triatomic Oxygen Sterilisation, Plasma Quatro and Super Oxide Ion Generation).

Covid Air Purifier FAQs

There is a lot of innovative technology to get your head around with the AirSteriliser+ at 

To ensure that you are clued up on how the AirSteriliser+ can benefit you and your space – we have answered a few of your frequently asked questions. 

Ionisers are efficient at reducing levels of bacteria and airborne viruses in enclosed spaces. Our AirSteriliser+ was tested within the NHS and reduced absenteeism by 42%. 

The AirSteriliser+ is effective against Coronaviruses,  Influenza, E Coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella, MRSA and more.

We absolutely believe so. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the way we live our lives and in order to bring people back together safely – devices such as AirSteriliser+ are imperative. 


Yes – the AirSteriliser+ is proven to be effective at killing Coronaviruses. The device is able to activate oxygen to remove airborne disease and sterile surfaces, making your space as safe as possible. 

Get a Quote for an Air Purifier that eliminates Covid

We know that technological terms and jargon can be very confusing when it comes to looking over things for the first time. If you have any questions or there is anything that you are not sure about why not ask us directly. One of our specialists will be able to answer any questions you might have.